Email Marketing – How To Take Advantage Of The Opt in Rate To Build Your List

Email marketing is simply the method of communicating with your audience and prospective clients via email. It assists you in increasing sales and conversions by providing current customers and subscribers with valuable information designed to assist them reach their particular objectives. This kind of marketing allows you to send targeted promotional communications to a specific group of people who have opted-in to receive your emails. For your business to be successful, it should be able to track and measure the effectiveness of these messages and use techniques which give you the ability to deliver to the right people and in the right time.

email marketing

Email marketing is usually done through tracking methods. Testing and tracking allows you to identify what works and what doesn’t. For e.g. email marketing split testing enables you to test whether a specific message is more effective than another based on split test statistics provided by your web analytics system. This enables you to understand how people react to your emails and which ones are more likely to convert into leads and sales.

Another important feature of emails which is often overlooked is the subject line. In fact, many novice marketers make a grave mistake of selecting poor subject lines which have actually discouraged visitors from opening their emails or clicking on links contained within the body of the text. Make sure your subject line and body of the email meet a predefined set of standards. These include the spelling and grammar of the subject line, whether it is written in all lowercase letters, whether it has one or two exclamation marks, whether it contains the word “free”, whether it contains the word “just” or “buy”, whether it starts with a colon and so on. In addition, the open rate is also an important metric to measure, as this tells you how many people have opened your email list.

One of the main features of email marketing services is segmentation. Segmentation refers to the separation of subscribers into different groups based on their interest, buying propensity and so on. Email service providers will usually provide you with different segments based on the open rates provided by Hubspot. Some of the popular segments include:

As with segmentation, email marketing service providers have the ability to provide you with additional functionality for segmenting your subscribers further. For example, you can segment your subscribers into: daily opt-ins, weekly opt-ins, monthly opt-ins and so on. Depending on the needs of your business, you may want to segment your subscribers further still. For instance, you can segment your recipients according to the different industries they belong to, based on the product they intend to purchase or buy, their level of education or other factors.

The final yet most important aspect of email marketing campaigns is keeping your subscribers’ personal information safe and confidential. Email marketing services will use password encryption to ensure that your subscribers’ personal information remains private and safe from any unauthorized parties. The use of passwords ensures that subscribers can be identified if the need arises. In addition to the use of passwords, you can also further enhance security by ensuring that your subscribers’ email addresses do not fall into the wrong hands. Some email marketing providers even offer protection against Spam and junk mails.