Writing to Sell? Use Power of Talk to Convert Visitors Into Customers

What does the term “writing to sell” mean to you? For many salespeople, copywriting can mean many different things. For many of them, it means writing their sales letters in as much “direct” a manner as possible. For others, it means more subtle forms of copywriting such as writing in lists and bullet points.

writing to sell

Copywriting is what professionals call “conveyancing words” – words meant essentially to sell. So, copywriting is also the art (and yes, it is an art) of writing in terms of copy formulas. Copy formulas are simply formulas, or “wording” that make words more likely to attract buyers. Just like in writing, the best copywriting formulas often combine words that are more likely to appeal to buyers into phrases that are less direct.

One example of good copywriting formulas is to take a phrase like “You won’t believe how easy this is to use.” And add another powerful phrase under that: “Your products are guaranteed safe with us.” In that second phrase, you’ve made “you won’t believe” much more believable because you’ve added a super-power word in there. Now you’ve sold a lot more products by combining the power words “safe” and “products” into one clear, powerful statement. Your customers will pay attention to that formula because it makes sense, and they’ll be eager to buy your great product after reading that.

Another example of writing to sell by formulas is this piece I recently saw on the Sales Executive Blog. The author was selling sales copywriting techniques for Internet marketing. He wrote in part: “Avoid these four mistakes while writing copy for Internet marketing. Don’t try to impress your audience. Instead, tell them why they need your product and demonstrate your ability to give it to them.”

This was a good piece of advice. It’s not as easy as just writing out the formula, hoping the formula will work in your favor. However, this is an example of how well-written copywriting can connect with your audience. By using the Power of Talk, your words can really convince people that you know what you’re talking about. If you can do that, then the Power of Talk will help you convert more visitors into sales. Once your conversion rate starts increasing, that means your traffic has also increased.

So don’t write just to sell. Write to persuade, to show the reader that yes, you have the answers they’re looking for, but you also know how to get there. That can lead to more sales than ever for a technical writer, which is good news for everyone.