Six Common Metrics That You Should Track In Email Marketing

A/B split testing is an established tactic for obtaining more out of email marketing. That’s because A/B split testing enables you to know your audience before trying to persuade them to open or act upon your messages. Then, you are able to use that knowledge to influence open rates, sign ups, and an impressive overall ROI for your opt-in list.

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A common problem in email marketing campaigns is that the subject lines aren’t converted into open rates. That’s because most people only glance over the first sentence of email subject lines, which then gets tucked away and forgotten about quickly. However, if the subject lines don’t immediately grab the recipient’s attention, they are likely to click away and open the message, thus effectively removing the conversion benefit. This can result in lost sales, wasted email cycle time, and a poor conversion experience for your campaign.

Subject lines should be changed to entice subscribers to open and read your email message. Subject lines that immediately compel the reader to open the message are recommended. It is recommended to avoid using long opt-in URL addresses as these are easily ignored. Instead, experiment with short and memorable URL addresses, like yourwpl email addresses or yours domain name. It’s also recommended to use the recommended email frequency, which is the number of times a visitor is shown on your website or email in one session.

Another deliverability issues in email marketing campaigns are broken links and bouncing emails. With broken links, users may encounter an unclear or confusing link, resulting in a potential exit from your site. Bounce messages often appear with little or no open rates, which can leave webmasters wondering whether or not their advertising is working. Again, it’s best to experiment with different open rates, but aim to increase open rates within your demographic and geographic reach.

Lastly, avoid sending email marketing to subscribers who have opted out of your mailing list. It’s best to send unsolicited email to these subscribers, since doing so can lead to a large unsubscribe rate. Similarly, failing to respond promptly to unsubscribe requests can also result in loss of subscribers.

Email marketing is an integral part of online marketing, particularly for new businesses that don’t have a strong email list. While it’s possible to successfully promote your business without email list building in many cases, other measures are advised. By incorporating these six metrics into your email list building strategy, you’ll ensure that your messages are more engaging and that your emails deliver the information you promised. These tips are sure to help you build a successful online business and achieve the success you’ve been hoping for.