Why Choose Google Testool for Building Your Landing Pages?

While most large corporations often use landing pages as a part of their omnichannel campaign strategy, there are now lots of opportunities for small businesses to leverage this powerful marketing and sales technologies in cost-effective ways. In fact, landing pages aren’t just for sites. They are equally applicable for mobile apps, newsletters, and social media sites, among many other types of online content. Therefore, if you want to increase website traffic and increase profits, you should consider implementing landing page conversion tracking in your internet marketing strategy.

landing pages

So what are the pros and cons of incorporating landing page conversion tracking into your current internet marketing or SEO strategy? The pros of incorporating this into your internet marketing efforts include many things, but two things really stand out when you look at the advantages of integrating these kinds of tools into your campaigns. First off, landing pages offer a great opportunity to measure website conversion rates under different business circumstances. As I mentioned above, different conversion rates can occur under varying business conditions and unique market conditions. By tracking and measuring conversion rates, you can quickly identify areas that you can make adjustments to your SEO and marketing strategies to improve conversion rates.

Another pro is that you can easily get started with testing experimental versions of landing pages. You don’t have to purchase an entire platform to run the testing and collecting data on your visitors. All you need is a web browser. All you need to do is sign up for Google’s AdSense program, set up your account, and start testing your experimental pages right away! You can then immediately begin collecting your own statistics and see which versions are the most successful, and which ones aren’t.

The second pro revolves around the ease with which you can use these testing pages. Because Google and Yahoo offer their own landing page builder tools and extensions, you won’t have any compatibility issues when it comes to using Google’s and Yahoo’s tools for your own test pages. Even if you prefer to use a more generic WordPress theme for your site, you still have full control over the layout, colors, graphics, and other design elements of your page builder. You can also test all of the other marketing features, like ads and shipping costs, without having to change your own website.

The third pro refers to lead generation. When you have your own unique landing pages, you can build good, effective lead capture pages that will convert much better than any generic template that you could find on a site like eBay. Lead capture pages that you build using a landing page builder from Google and Yahoo come with fully integrated lead capture buttons, and you have full control over the layout, content, graphics, and design of the page. Furthermore, there are no limits to how many times you want to update the lead capture form, and how often you want to repost the ad form on your other websites. All you need to worry about is keeping the content fresh and unique.

Whether you’re building for yourself or using an outside source for all of your testing, these three advantages will give you the most for your money. Landing pages from Google and Yahoo, in particular, are among the least expensive package deals for testing and experimentation on your website. The customizations you can make to each template mean that even if you have the cheapest package deal, your testing will be nearly as diverse as those from more expensive package deals. So why go with one company’s template instead of creating a whole new landing pages from scratch?